Full Service Design
Raichert Media is a full service visual design house specializing in concept and production art for games, apps, new media, and TV.

Flexible and Scalable
Scale our contract freelance services to exactly fit your immediate needs: from a quick $100 graphic, to overseeing the visual style for an entirely new IP, from cartoony to photo-realistic, we can do it all. We can come on site to your location, or deliver hundreds of production assets long distance, your call. Either way, we love to blend seamlessly into your existing team and culture.

Complete Vision Setting
• Create new IP from scratch

• Evolve and grow existing IP

• Complete brand integration


Premium Sales Art
• Splash pages
• Scene and play examples
• Spruce up that Powerpoint


Complete Character Design
• From roughs to orthographs
• Geometric explorations

• Color and costume options


Complete World Design
• From speedpaints to finals

• Production-savvy designs

• Technical + Artistic


Complete Objects Design
• From roughs to orthographs
• Engine realistic designs

• Assembly line speed


Market Ready Final Art

• Forge any style

• Raster or vector

• Small pieces to full pages


Complete Raster Asset Factory
• Game and app assets

• Print materials

• Animation pieces


Complete Vector Asset Factory
• Game and app assets

• Print materials

• Animation pieces


Complete Interface Art House
• UI assets, buttons, frames

• Different animation states

• Production savvy artists


The Right Vibe
• Logos, icons, font work, titles

• Color palette experts

• Style guides and team docs

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