Your Expert Guide
We develop and sell creative intellectual property in the game, new media, and TV animation markets. We have been through all the steps of the IP process for decades: creative, production, legal, creators, partners, investors, executives, creative teams, and buyers. Whether we consult discretely from the side, or dig in the ditches with your team, the pitfalls and sweet spots are old friends to us. We can't wait to show you what we’ve learned.

IP Vision
• Develop entire IP from scratch
• Flesh out IP from existing materials
• Freshen and update established IP
• Work with established creator or team

IP Reality
• Written bibles, style guides, and team docs
• Written character, world, and narrative descriptions
• Development artwork: nail the look and feel

IP Sales
• Full written and illustrated pitch docs
• Team coaching, pitch preparation
• Pitch meetings

• Get to the core of your brand
• From one time consulting session to project oversight
• Team and asset focus

• Outsider's fresh eye is free from team assumptions

• Fixing something you missed now is less expensive than after train has left

• Outsider can afford to be honest, because gun for hire = zero politics
• Why invent the wheel when you can rent the wheel?
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