Full Service Animation
Raichert Media is a full service animation studio specializing in motion design and animation for games, apps, new media, and TV.

Flexible and Scalable
Scale our contract freelance services to exactly fit your immediate needs: from a quick $100 bouncing ball, to a complete piece with sound and music, from cartoon to photo-realistic, we can do it all. We can come on site to your location, or deliver hundreds of pieces long distance, your call. Either way, we love to blend seamlessly into your existing team and culture.

Time Saving Tests
• Kinetic ideation pages

• Gags inspire team ideas

• Action sketches save time


Quick and Energetic
• Price Base x1

• Just enough information
   to sell the scene


Industry Standard
• Price Base x2

• Industry standard

  production storyboards


Extra Mood and Detail
• Price Base x4

• Improved quality with

  added light effects


Premium + Color
• Price Base x8

• Improved quality with

  added light and color


Choose Your Layout
• Vertical: Panels are stacked on top of one another
• Horizontal: Panels are stacked side by side
• Single: No panel stacking, each panel lives on its own page

• Landscape: Pages are wider than tall

• Portrait: Pages are taller than wide

Choose Your Page Size
• Letter (or A4): standard office paper is good logistics
• Legal: More space for production notations

We Also Do Custom Layouts
• Specializing in matching your existing system

Vertical Landscape — 11 x 8.5"
• Pros: Efficient page space balance
• 2 Production columns for exposition & dialog
• Cons: sideways binder access

Horizontal Landscape — 14 x 8.5"
• Legacy TV production layout
• 3 Production columns for action, dialog, & timing notation
• Cons: Large format printing

Single — (various)
• Pros: Most modular, easy to rearrange
• Pros: Good for room sessions and binder usage
• 3 Production columns for action and dialog
• Cons: Harder to see action flow overview

Vertical Portrait — 8.5 x 11"
• Pros: Best for roughs & seeing action flow
• Pros: Fast binder access & orientation
• Cons: 1 cramped production column

Complete Animatic Production
• Edit your existing media

• Or hire use to make new media

• Experienced editors


Choose Your Pieces
1 - Select panel quality
2 - Select elements
3 - We build it

Test Before You Commit
• 2D tests save money

• Get exact timing right

• Good for client pre-approvals


Stand Alone Pieces
• In game and app animations

• Raster and vector 

• Dialogue and mouth positions

Full Edit, Picture, Sound
• Shorts, main titles, web bits

• Industrials

• Full TV and Web episodes


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