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"Getting art from you is like unwrapping presents on Christmas morning."

— Carlo Delallana, Producer, Fingerprint


“Lane is an amazing creative talent, and an all round amazing guy. His vast industry experience gives him a real ability to identify and create specific, targeted styles at lightning speed. He can explain complicated and fuzzy creative concepts to a team and have them all understand exactly what the goals are. His work always possesses an inexplicable charm and an attention to detail, in any genre he tackles.

     Teamed with his creative abilities, Lane is also one of the most reliable and professional people I’ve worked with. He gets the work done on time, to budget, and the communication is always straight forward. I cannot recommend Lane highly enough.”

— Clara Reeves, Producer, Krome Studios Melbourne


"These are the kind of scripts we would have done on the original show."

— John Astin, Voice Actor, Addams Family Animated


“Lane was brought in to help revitalize a much-loved franchise for our company - and succeeded beyond our expectations for maintaining the existing integrity while pushing the envelope creatively. I look forward to bringing Lane on to other projects. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative”

— Alyssa Walles, Strategic Consultant


"I've had the pleasure of working with Lane on multiple projects over the years. If you need a guy who can take directions like "make the characters look like the came from a children's book" or "I'm thinking circus animals" or "imagine if Civilization met Mario Party" or "the character needs to look like a young A-Rod when he was with the Rangers" and develop beautiful, impactful artwork or good sound design advice, he's your guy. Highly recommended."

— Nancy MacIntyre, CEO and Co-Founder at Fingerprint


“Lane is a wonderfully gifted, extremely creative producer, director and writer... As a Story Editor, he strikes a diplomatic balance between the suits and the scribes and always has the project's best interest at heart. On top of all this, he is one of the most pleasant people to work with that I've ever met! Five stars!”

— Christopher Keenan, Director, Children's Programming, ABC Entertainment


"You were such a talent — you could draw, you were technically savvy, and you could write! Having you on the team was a pleasure!"

— Margaret Loesch, Executive Vice President, Hanna-Barbera Productions


“I first met Lane when we were dropped in the deep end on a pitch for a project at Microsoft. With help from our small team we secured that project. That experience taught me that Lane is someone I can charge head on into battle with in any situation. A consummate professional, Lane is gifted as an artist and as a creative mind in general. I would jump at the chance to work with Lane again on any project. His passion for the entertainment industry and positive attitude in general promotes a feeling of positivity across the entire team. And he cracks me up on a regular basis.”

— Kim Forrest, Lead Designer, Krome Studios

"I love that guy!"

— Cheech Marin, Voice Actor/Singer, Santo Bugito


"Valerie, I've never met you, but I hear you are a great humanitarian" — [Name withheld, Hanna-Barbera colleague]

“I had the absolute pleasure to work directly with Lane on two game related projects. As a concept artist and illustrator Lane is a talented force; a consummate professional, an excellent creative communicator, and above all else... a highly passionate contributor who seeks to support the creative vision with every stroke of the brush.

     Lane is deeply in touch with the creative energies of any project, and shows a deep respect for established visual style and content. He is a true chameleon in this regard and can work in a variety of styles to suit the needs of your project. That said, he can offer fresh and varied visual perspectives on style when needed and takes great care to achieve the finest results. He has my deepest respect as an artist, for all he has accomplished, and as a positive high energy human being. It was always a great experience working with Lane.”

— Jared Pullen, Lead Artist, Krome Studios


"'I'm going to lose my mind, but in a happy way.' (laughter) I love that. That's the best direction I've had in a very long time."

— Tim Curry, Voice Actor, Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius: Jet Fusion


“Lane is an outstanding professional, who can be counted on to provide innovative solutions to tough problems under all kinds of circumstances. He and Raichert Media are a phenomenal creative and logistical resource to any animated endeavor – one that I will not hesitate to recommend highly.”

— Ethan Pasternack , Research & Development Manager, WizKids, Inc.


“Lane was a great asset to Warner Bros. and the creative teams he worked on. Lane always accepted storyboard assignments and never complained about the tight schedules he was given and always completed his work on time. His storyboards were always well prepared, funny and flowed with the other artists sections. I highly recommend Lane and hope we have a chance to work together again sometime soon.”

— Jason Wyatt, Production Manager, Warner Bros. Animation


"Everybody needs a Lane Raichert"

— [Name withheld, Facebook thread research]


“Lane is an indispensable partner for any endeavor. He brings unprecedented experience, creativity and professionalism to every project. He contributes in all phases of development from concept to final polish. He blends his experience and creativity into a fresh view for any endeavor. Reliability, artistry and collaboration are where Lane shines. He elevates the quality of any project he touches. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable”

— Jon Sell, Producer, EA


“One of Lane's biggest assets is not necessarily quantifiable by looking at a resume: I trust him, and you will too. His candor is professional yet relaxed, creative while realistic.”

— Fred Heim, Sales and Marketing Director, Palco Sports


“I found Lane's creative perspective refreshing and innovative, given what we were looking for on one of our product lines. There is no denying his animation expertise and I certainly hope I have the chance to work with him again.”

— Chris Munson, Associate Brand Manager, Atari


“I had the great pleasure of working with Lane at MCAD where he created and taught a number of classes for me. Lane is a great teacher and mentor. He has a great rapport with his students and teaches them not only skills but process, approach and comportment. He brings a very professional and business-oriented approach. He quickly became one of our most popular adjunct faculty, one whom students sought out for classes. I hope that Lane continues to take on teaching and training opportunities because he has so much to offer and he does it so well.”

— Lester Shen, Associate Dean, BS: Visualization Program, Minneapolis College of Art and Design


“Lane is a rare find and a true gentleman in the industry. Not only is he an incredibly gifted artist but a tremendous mentor as well. When I first met Lane, I was new to the video game industry, he brought me under his wing and was encouraging and inspiring to be around. He not only put my mind at ease in what could have been an overwhelming situation, but to all he worked with he brought out our best as a catalyst of creative energy. Furthermore, my experiences with him has influenced how I manage and mentor other artists. I've had the good fortune of working with Mr. Raichert on more than one occasion and would jump at the chance to do so again.”

— Ted Kim, Concept Artist, Pseudo Interactive


“I really loved working with Lane. He's the best of the best. He's talented, hard working, conscientious, humble, and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. When I worked with him, he was all of the things listed: artist, writer, story editor, producer and he did each area to the utmost perfection… He really has a way of making work enjoyable.”

— Victoria McCollum, Associate Producer, Hanna-Barbera Productions


“Lane is one of the most influential educators I have ever had in my life. He is very grounded and has an amazing understanding of reaching maximum productivity using a positive attitude, respect, and effective communication. His teaching style is especially charismatic and offers my generation invaluable knowledge on becoming fearless leaders...his advice has served as a moral and professional compass in all of my business endeavors. He is of a rare breed and I hope you are fortunate enough to happen upon him.”

— Rebecca Lilianne Wichmann, Student, Minneapolis College of Art and Design


"To Lane with best wishes and much respect!"

— Bill Hanna & Joe Barbera, Presidents, Hanna-Barbera Productions © 2016 Raichert Media, Inc. All rights reserved — All other materials © their respective owners, presented for informational purposes only.