Our Most Popular Writing Services

• Video Game Production Scripts: in-game and cinematic cut scenes

• IP Development: team & pitch docs, from scratch or just edit

• Animation Production: Show runner, story editor, scripts, outlines, story pitches

• Creative Consultant: peek over the pipeline to improve (and avoid potholes)


Our Writing Specialties

• Script Doctor: from skinned knees to Frankensteins

• Ensemble Orchestration: exciting & convincing character chemistry

• Research Pitbulls: it’s scary how much we love to look up stuff

• Logistic Freaks: deadlines & asset lists make us giddy like accountants

• Fresh but Not Weird: innovative & never seen before, but still approachable

• Believable World Creation


Our Writing Benefits

• Production Machine: our years hitting TV deadlines is your benefit

• Many hats: it’s a plus when your writer is also an artist & producer

• Grownups: we already went through our "my way" phase, it's about you now

• Experienced: writer's block is for beginners

Our Best Writing Genres
• SF (speculative and science fiction)
• Fantasy (and other speculative in betweens)
• Historical, especially military history
• Family friendly
• Comedy
• Industrials

Check Out These Writing Samples

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